If I had to choose one word to describe me, it would be eternally-optimistic (I know that is cheating). One of my features that showcases this trait is my smile. It is honestly difficult for me to frown or get angry. Consequently, people that are close to me would say that I live my life to the fullest and enjoy every single day with a simple smile. I am constantly full of energy and looking for the next adventure with the ones for whom I love and care. 

I was born into a military family in Heerlen, Netherlands. I spent two years overseas in the Netherlands before moving to North Carolina and growing up there for 12 years of my life. Most of my family is from there and I call the Tar Heel State home still. After a brief stint in Richmond Hill, GA, I spent eight years in Louisville, Kentucky, my second home. I graduated from Seneca High School (anyone from Louisville knows where you graduated from high school is a constant topic of conversation) and spent four years at the University of Louisville getting my Bachelor of Arts in Psychology with a minor in Latin American and Latino Studies. UofL holds a special place in my heart and accounts for much of the person that I am today. The opportunities I had to grow personally, professionally, academically, and extracurricularly at UofL shaped who I am. 

Growing up, I was much more mature than my peers and I credit that to my socialization and upbringing. With a father in the military and a mother with seizures, I was given a great deal of responsibility as a young child, caring for my Mom in moments of crisis while my Dad was on duty. Through these experiences of high responsibility, I gained a hard work ethic and can-do attitude that has carried me through my other life experiences so far. My parents also respected my autonomy within reason and taught me to be very independent, although they will say I came to them that way. 

I currently work at FSU as the Assistant Director of the Student Disability Resource Center. I served there as a graduate assistant from August 2014 to December of 2015, when I received the promotion to Disability Specialist. Recently, due to some staffing changes in the Dean of Students Department, I was provided the opportunity to take on more responsibility as Assistant Director. I graduated with my Master of Science in Higher Education in April of 2016. When I am not helping college students learn and develop as they achieve their dreams through the Student Affairs profession, I am entertaining audiences through musical theatre.  Musical theatre is one of my biggest passions and gives me so much energy and enjoyment of life. There isn't a day that I go one second without humming, whistling, or singing a showtune. I enjoy the spectacle and logistics of theatre. I believe it gives us a chance to experiment with life, to be something that we couldn't be in real life. It's my artistic outlet and core part of my being. I encourage you to check out my Theatre page, full of memories, photos, and reflections on the theatre I've performed. I also encourage you to check out my podcast, Razzle Dazzle, launching in August of 2017, and my personal and professional blog. If you have any questions, comments, or want to speak with me, feel free to contact me.